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hair salon products

Hair Salon Products

Covering all your Professional needs via the Schwarzkopf Professional & Rilken product portfolios. (Colour/Care/Finish/Form).

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Hair Salon Furniture/Equipment

David Salon Services not only supplies hair salon furniture and equipment but also provides free of charge design and product installation services via a selected network of synergies and collaborations.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

The new age trend of the “Great Lengths” hair extensions is causing hysteria in hair salons worldwide because of the product’s high profitability levels for professionals and its amazing results for customers. No hair salon today can consider itself as a provider of a full package of services without hair extension applications.
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Hair Salon Accessories/Tools

Select throughout our catalogue of salon tools and various professional utility materials such as scissors, brushes, straightening irons, trolleys, hair dryers, dye brushes/bowls and many other.

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Education/ASK Academy

We currently operate two ASK Academies, which fully meet all international standards and specifications. The main objective of both is to assist our company’s philosophy which is based on the continuous support of the hairdressing profession through, the educational courses offered.

To maintain the vibrancy of your hair colour use BC Bonacure Colour Save Injection on the same day of colouring and then once a week until the next colour.